We present to you our Training Workshops:

Gilson Housing Partners’ NSPIRE Training Workshops will provide you with the most recent developments in the new Inspection
model and will equip your staff with the tools needed to excel in your NSPIRE Inspections and boost your REAC score!

This training session covers NSPIRE for both Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher, establishing the significant differences between UPCS and HQS that ALL your staff must know. From your office staff and property managers to your maintenance crew, NSPIRE impacts how we view and perform inspections, and you need to stay updated to keep your units in compliance and ace your NSPIRE Inspection.

Stay ahead with our concise, in-person training sessions addressing NSPIRE Standards Scoring, NSPIRE vs. UPCS/HQS nuances and adapting to HUD REAC’s new standards.

Did you know…

Class take-aways:

Your NSPIRE Toolkit:

A carefully curated 80-page booklet, crafted by our expert inspector and instructor, covering NSPIRE Standards Scoring, and Procedures, offering a comprehensive reference for all your future NSPIRE needs.

Test your Knowledge and Get Certified:

By opting for our certification exam the day after, you'll apply your expertise gained from NSPIRE training. Successful participants will earn a certificate of completion, validating their proficiency in REAC/NSPIRE Training.

What you will learn:

NSPIRE Training:

Delve into the significance of NSPIRE through in-depth NSPIRE training, exploring its benefits for residents and property owners. Gain insights from specialized REAC/NSPIRE Training and HUD NSPIRE Training.

Effective Preparation Strategies:

Acquire the necessary tools and strategies for inspection day preparedness, emphasizing the importance of NSPIRE Standards Scoring and Procedures in maintaining focus during the process.

Scoring Mastery:

Navigate NSPIRE scoring values and understand how different categories are assessed during inspections. Explore the nuances of NSPIRE vs. UPCS and stay updated on the latest HUD REAC new NSPIRE standards.

Inspection Excellence:

Familiarize yourself with the NSPIRE framework, including terms, definitions, and key areas/categories. Prepare for REAC inspections by comprehending HUD inspection expectations and ensuring compliance through effective NSPIRE training in person.

NSPIRE Training Modalities
for Flexible Learning


Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the modality you want, tailored to your team's schedule, needs, and inquiries. Benefit from discounted prices for larger staff groups and experience immediate availability at your convenience. Elevate your teams expertise with training that fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Group Discounts, Flexible Learning:

Enjoy reduced rates for larger teams with our on-demand training, providing immediate convenience for your staff.

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Introducing Your Expert Inspector Instructor: David Szalay.

At Gilson Housing Partners, our NSPIRE Training Workshops are led by none other than David S., an esteemed professional with an extensive background in HUD inspections. With 25 years of experience working under HUD REAC, and 100,000 total units inspected, David Szalay holds a distinguished record as a REAC Certified Inspector & Demonstration Inspector for HUD’s NSPIRE Demonstration and is currently an active NSPIRE Inspector.

When you participate in our NSPIRE Training Workshops, you'll benefit from David's vast knowledge and practical insights, making your journey to excellence in housing inspections even more rewarding.

Enroll now and learn how we prioritize the health, safety, and efficiency of housing inspections together.


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