Why choose our Call Center Services?

Gilson Call Center Services for Reception and Maintenance opens the door to
round-the-clock coverage and a dedicated team of specialized bilingual staff. Trained to handle diverse requests, from work orders to emergency maintenance issues, our staff ensures that your needs are promptly addressed. Our cutting-edge technology enables swift and efficient call management, guaranteeing top notch customer service and unwavering support for our clients.

Our outstanding performance metrics

At our company, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and continuously improving our performance. Here’s a glimpse into our outstanding statistics:
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Impressive Call Volume

Handling a staggering 7,000+ calls per day. A testament to our capacity and efficiency

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Highly Trained Team

Rigorous training for over 70 team members. Investment in time and resources to ensure excellence. At the core of our success is a dedicated team, a robust training program, and a relentless pursuit of excellence

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Client Satisfaction

Over 100 satisfied clients and counting. Our commitment to quality ensures we exceed expectations at every turn.

Reception Call Center Services

Our Reception Department strives for excellence every day by providing continuous training to our highly skilled bilingual Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).
Our CSRs are equipped to handle calls from Applicants, Residents, Landlords, and Vendors with professionalism and efficiency.
When provided, our CSRs have access to Housing Authorities Systems, providing accurate and timely information on waiting lists, re-certification, payments, inspections, and more.

Maintenance Call Center Services

At our maintenance department, we provide round-the-clock coverage for tenants, with specialized bilingual staff available during and after business hours. Our team leaders work tirelessly to ensure our customer service representatives receive ongoing training, enabling us to deliver high-quality services. We enter all work orders into the Housing Authority Work Order System and send emergency requests to On-Call Maintenance staff via text message for prompt resolution.

If the on-call staff does not respond immediately, our operators will follow up with an instant phone call to ensure timely attention to the issue.