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In our maintenance department, we’re committed to tenants’ needs day and night. Our bilingual staff is dedicated to offering specialized assistance throughout business hours and beyond. With meticulous training for our customer service team led by our diligent leaders, we ensure top-notch service delivery. All work orders are promptly logged into the Housing Authority Work Order System. For urgent matters, we swiftly notify our On-Call Maintenance team via text. In cases where immediate action is required, our operators follow up with a direct phone call, ensuring rapid attention to resolve issues promptly.

Our amazing features


  • Emergency work order handling via text messages
  • Instant follow-up calls for prompt issue resolution

On-Call Notification:

  • Customizable based on trades
  • Escalation with personnel or appropriate vendor
  • Option to add personnel as needed

Daily Report:

  • Building or area details, assigned personnel, date, and time of call
  • Tenant information, preferred language, work order details
  • Sent via email Monday to Friday