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Gilson is your trusted partner in Call Center Operations, specializing in services for Municipal Departments, including Public Works and School Districts Facility Management. We understand the unique needs of Public Works Departments and communities, leading us to develop the customizable Public Works Call Center System (PWCC). With PWCC, we tailor our solution to the size and functions of each department, providing efficiency and personalized service.

Our Call Center for Public Works continues to evolve, adding more services every day.
Some of the key features include:

Enhanced Call Center System

Tailored to handle Municipal Departments’ activities, including water emergencies, traffic signals, street maintenance, stormwater, and sewer situations. On-Call Staff scheduling and automated notifications via text and email for efficient response.

Bilingual Assistance

Highly knowledgeable, bilingual Call Center staff assisting Customer. Providing instructions based on the information provided by the Public Works clients.

Collaborative Partnership

A niche market approach that focuses on improving client services and reducing costs. Not a replacement but a partner in enhancing citizen/resident service

More about our services

Customer Satisfaction

We conduct independent surveys twice a year to assess the performance of the Call Center. The results are used to continually improve our services, with no additional cost to our clients.

Emergency Contingency Plan

Our disaster recovery plan ensures continuous service, even in emergencies:

Offsite Co-Location:
Servers located at Atlantic.Net for guaranteed uptime. Redundancy and backup systems to prevent downtime.

Multiple Office Locations:
Ability to redirect client calls to other offices in case of power loss. Operations in seven locations for increased flexibility.

Dual Internet Providers:
Dual providers for main sites to ensure uninterrupted service.
Backup power for Comcast service in Fort Lauderdale.

Data Backup:
Daily backup at Atlantic.Net to prevent data loss during outages

Introducing our Public Works Call Center System (PWCC)

At Gilson, we understand that Public Works Departments come in diverse shapes and sizes, and each community has unique needs and functions.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we have developed the Public Works Call Center System (PWCC) – a fully customizable solution designed to cater to the specific requirements of Public Works departments.

PWCC Key Features

Tailored for your needs:

Our PWCC system is 100% customizable, recognizing that each Public Works department is unique in its operations and requirements. Tailored solutions for areas, departments, and specific job functions within the Public Works realm.

Flexibility for Varied Functions

Public Works functions vary across communities, and some may not be common to every area.
PWCC adapts to these variations, ensuring that your system aligns with the specific needs of your community, whether it’s water management, utilities, or trash collection.

Efficiency in Every Aspect

By customizing our system, we ensure that it enhances the efficiency of your operations.
Streamlined processes for water emergencies, traffic signals, street maintenance, stormwater, sewer situations, and more.

Size-Adoptive Design

We acknowledge that the size of PW departments varies, and a system that works for one may not be suitable for another. PWCC is designed to be scalable, accommodating the unique size and scope of each PW department

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