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Gilson Inspection Services provides a unique and effective process for HQS and UCPS inspections
Are you looking for reliable inspection services to help your Housing Authority meet its goals? Look no further than Gilson Housing Partners! Our suite of inspection services includes mobile printing, electronic signatures, on-time inspections, and a 24/7 bilingual inspection call center. We also offer digital photograph and data storage, reducing the chance of lost information or errors. With our voice and inspection software products, combined with our expert Property Management Call Center Service Staff, we provide the most qualified inspection services to meet your needs


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72 hrs

Text reminder
72 hours prior to
the scheduled
  • 1) Letters will be mailed to Landlord and Resident via USPS First Class Mail (30–60 days in advance).
  • 2) A digital copy of the letter will be e-mailed to Landlords’ e-mails on file as provided by the client.
  • 3) Via our Special Electronic Notifications Division (SEND) a a notification text message will be sent to the residents within 30 to 60 days in advance, informing of inspection date/time, requesting confirmation of receipt. We will also attempt to call them.