System Benefits

  • iPad Supported on Kiosk in English, Spanish & Other Languages
  • It provides unlocking Office & Property Door with video meeting and contract Tracing Questions
  • Tenants, landlords, contractors & other visitors check-in including printing badges for meetings on kiosk
  • Video Calls and Messages performed w/ authority staff
  • Applicants can apply for or check the waitlist
  • Tenants can re-certify, enter work orders and print forms and documents

Application, Waitlist, and Re-certifications

  • Applicants can apply for housing, check the waitlist for prior applications and obtain answers to FAQ’s
  • Case Workers can perform Video Conference Interviews with Residents and can perform re- certifications on the iPad by updating family member, income, assets and expense information with incorrect or new information.
  • Verification documents are imaged by iPad or with a portable scanner for storage in the system for that certification

Authority Staff, Vendors, and Landlords

  • Authority staff can check on and respond to email messages, make copies of payroll stubs, and complete human resource forms. Vendors and Landlords can print payable stubs, obtain 1099 information and complete other necessary forms

Frequently Asked Questions & Integration

  • There is a section of FAQ’s for Applicants, Tenants, Landlords, Vendors and other Visitors on iPad.
  • Integrates with all Industry Housing Management Systems.

For further information, watch the following video!