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The first and only Affordable Housing Software Vendor create a Call Center Service mainly for Housing Authorities.

Elevate your experience with our IT Call Center Services. Operating round-the-clock, our bilingual support effortlessly manages 2,500 daily calls for Housing Authorities, ensuring smooth communication without the hassle of call transfers. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in daily and monthly performance reports, comprehensive training across all Housing Authority systems, and personalized Standard Operating Procedures, guaranteeing a streamlined and efficient support experience.

Top-notch services

Our meticulous approach

Bilingual CSRs

All our CSRs are bilingual in
English and Spanish,
eliminating the need for call

Software Support

For standard business
applications, virus protection
and peripherals.

Configure and

Our experts will configure
hardware and software
patches, updates, and
upgrades, ensuring optimal

Efficiency and

Our advanced technology allows
us to quickly and efficiently
manage and track all calls,
ensuring that our clients receive
top-notch customer service and

Track Installed

Our team establishes
hardware and software
standards for purchasing and


The best team

Our rigorous method ensures that our operations are efficient but also fully compliant with all relevant standards.

We take pride in the capabilities of our team, and our GCCS system empowers us to enhance the level of customer service we provide. With our SMS messaging capabilities, we can conveniently send pre-approved information to our clients, making our support even more accesible and efficient.



calls per day


Satisfied clients


Team members

What is an IT
Call Center?

An IT call center is a specialized service that provides comprehensive technical support and assistance to clients, handling a wide range of issues related to software, hardware, server maintenance, and more.

Job Description
of a CSR


The job description of an IT call center representative at Gilson Housing Partners includes providing bilingual support in English and Spanish, managing an average handle time of 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and addressing about 2,500 calls daily for over 100 Housing Authorities across the US. Responsibilities involve software technical support for business applications, hardware troubleshooting, server maintenance, compliance with licensing requirements, IT consulting, and communication with vendors with messaging and call system for effective problem resolution.

What’s a
successful IT
call center?

A successful IT call center, exemplified by Gilson Housing Partners, operates 24/7, handles a substantial call volume efficiently with an average wait time of 24 seconds, and eliminates the need for call transfers through bilingual customer service representatives. The center’s expertise extends to software and hardware support, server maintenance, and ensuring compliance with licensing requirements, contributing to the seamless operation of over 100 Housing Authorities across the US.

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