Introducing David Szalay,
our inspector and instructor!

David Szalay, a REAC Certified UPCS Inspector, has conducted over 3.000 HUD Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) REAC inspections for Building Inspection Service (BISCO).

David Szalay conducted one of the very first contracted REAC inspections back in 1998!

With his expertise and attention to detail, he helped identify problems with the protocol to make the inspections more fair and objective for all. We found him to be an extremely reliable business partner and a great asset to our organization!

David Szalay Credentials Include:

  • 1 Certified HUD REAC UPCS Contract Inspector since 1998 (M36904)..
  • 2 Conducted 3000+ inspections and assessed over 53,000 units for HUD REAC UPCS compliance
  • 3 Served as a Quality Control REAC UPCS Inspector under a Backlogged Inspections Contract.
  • 4 Participated as a contractor in the HUD Reverse Auction Program (RAP).
  • 5 Instructor of HUD REAC Uniform Physical Conditions Standards for Inspections, guiding others in achieving high scores
  • 6 Conducted Pre-REAC UPCS Inspections, offered consulting services, and assisted with appeals.
  • 7 Shadowed HUD REAC UPCS Inspectors, contributing valuable insights to the inspection process.
  • 8 NSPIRE Demonstration Inspector Certification Report.

Additionally, David Szalay has conducted Housing Quality Standards Inspections under the HUD RAP Reverse Auction Program for the State of Maine. He has also undertaken Comprehensive Needs Assessments(CNA) under contract.

David Szalay dedication and expertise have earned him the Certification of Appreciation from the HUD Real Estate Assessment Center in 2017, a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field.

“Let all my Experience and Education go to work for you!”
Uniform Physical Condition Standards Certified & Tested!