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Client Implementation Form


Thank you for participating on the Client Implementation Form


We greatly appreciate your cooperation in filling out this form as thoroughly as possible. Your valuable input ensures that our inspection services align perfectly with your needs and expectations. Your detailed responses allow us to tailor our approach, delivering the highest standard of service and ensuring a seamless experience.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with the necessary information.

Important Considerations:

1  Data Entry of Inspection results and scheduled inspections should be expected in 24hrs.

2  Our inspectors make calls for arrival 15-30 mins in advance.

3  We request to be notified about move outs, change of ownerships.

4  Our team will also report these to Housing via e-mail as per usual.

Special Inspections


  • Request must contain:
  • Type of inspection
  • Unit Address (Tenant name) in subject

Special inspection Request Template


  • Special Inspection
  • Unit Address (Tenant Name, Tenant ID)

Body should contain:

  • Yardi Inspection ID Number if already created, if not we can create it.
  • Reason for the special inspection request.

Initial Inspection Request Template


  • Unit Address (Tenant Name, and Tenant ID)

Body should contain:

  • Yardi Inspecion ID Number
  • Person to be contacted for unit access: phone number/ E-mail